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Here's what your B2B content team needs to know about Google's March core update and spam update.
Exploring the pros and cons of including a media embargo strategy in your PR plan for product announcements.
These tips from the Look Left smartypants will help marketers and PR pros take what they've learned in 2023 and apply them for success in the New Year.
Look Left shares tips and tricks that can help marketers use AI to increase productivity, scale content strategies, tell their stories and more.
Discover why Look Left account leads focus on creating a personal PR relationship with clients to drive better tech marketing results.
Our clients are asking about how to use AI in B2B Marketing. You probably are, too. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked queries we get.
Get to know Look Left's Senior Digital Strategist John Masserini.
Learn about generative AI tools like Google Duet AI, GrammarlyGo and Canva Magic Write in this post.
Didn’t make it to Content Marketing World 2023? No worries — here are three important takeaways for what matters most for succeeding in the year ahead.
The theme of Content Marketing World 2023 was that content continues to change — and we should, too.
In the ever-changing media landscape, learn how new digital channels and contributed articles should play into a startup’s PR strategy.
Get to know Look Left's Media Relations Strategist Amy-Gabrielle Bartolac.
Look Left's founder shares his experiences in the industry and thoughts about where PR and marketing are headed.
Learn how the Look Left team uses generative AI in our marketing and integrated communications programs.
Despite the drastic adoption of generative AI technology, effective media relations strategies still require personalization to succeed.
Get to know Look Left's Senior Media Strategist Chris Poisson
Learn how B2B tech companies can benefit from generative AI tools like ChatGPT to create impactful blog posts. Discover tips for educating AI models through prompt engineering, ensuring timeliness, accuracy and addressing biases.
AI-generated content can save B2B marketers a lot of time, but at what cost? Here are 5 tips to use the technology to your benefit without compromising quality.
Learn the winning media relations strategies for B2B tech product launches with tips on storytelling, pitching, timing and SEO optimization.
Migrating to a new website can be a daunting task. Follow these five steps to preserve your existing SEO value and traffic.
For the second year in a row, Look Left has been named one of Inc.’s Best Workplaces. Here, some of our superheroes share what makes Look Left so special.
The ultimate rebranding project plan for B2B tech companies that want to reintroduce themselves to the world.
Look Left wins platinum and gold Hermes Creative Awards and a Silver Bell Ringer from PR Club for brand building.
Considering a rebrand? This post outlines a rebranding project plan for companies that want to reintroduce themselves to the world.
Get the most out of RSA 2023 with these marketing tips from Look Left.
Look Left Marketing announces new brand messaging and identity.
Matt Raven discusses ChatGPT's impact on SEO strategy based on Google's February 2023 guidance.
Look Left's focus on company culture and education benefits has landed it on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List for the Pacific region for the second year in a row.
Takeaways from the press and media panel at HITMC 2023 with tips for health tech PR for print, online publications and broadcast.
Look Left smartypants returned from the HITMC 2023 conference with several learnings and observations on marketing, SEO, and the HITMC community.
Heading to a trade show? Having a content marketing plan will help you connect with potential customers.
Learn how to create B2B blog content that readers actually enjoy consuming, with the help of these expert tips from Look Left Marketing.
Get to know Look Left’s resident Mizzou fan and B2B content marketing extraordinaire, David Sprague.
Look Left Marketing shares helpful tips for digital health companies to improve their PR & marketing programs in 2023 and beyond.
Learn how to build a strong B2B events and speaking program to maximize your brand awareness.
Look Left Marketing shares helpful tips for B2B infrastructure technology companies to improve their PR & marketing programs in 2023 and beyond.
Tips from an In-House Marketer Turned Agency Director on What to Look For in a PR Marketing Agency
Look Left Marketing shares helpful tips for cybersecurity companies to improve their PR & marketing programs in 2023 and beyond.
An update on Google’s December 2022 rollout of the “helpful content” algorithm update and steps you should take to maintain traffic.
Tips and best practices for submitting award submissions for B2B, enterprise tech and industry personnel.
Learn about LinkedIn’s new Document Ads format and how it can positively impact your B2B content marketing efforts.
Tips and best practices for successful tech PR and content marketing strategies from a tennis pro.
Here are some tips & best practices for successful cybersecurity marketing and PR strategies from industry experts.
Writing B2B content for yourself is one thing, but writing it for someone else requires a little more expertise.
If your PR and marketing strategy doesn’t include podcasts, you could miss out on a critical segment of potential customers.
In 2022, Look Left brought on its first summer intern, Ari Dinerman. Learn more about Ari’s journey in this Q+A.
Optimize your content based on Google’s new “helpful content” algorithm update—and make it more meaningful to readers.
When you work from home, it’s critical to incorporate a work-life balance. Look Left’s Hollie Krause offers a few suggestions.
Use B2B content marketing strategies to peak potential customers’ interest and gain your trust as an expert.
Davida Dinerman shares four insights from her first in-person conference in more than two years.
There are many reasons Look Left Marketing was named one of Inc.’s Best Workplaces. At the center of it all: great people.
How to use keyword data and foundational content optimization techniques to improve the performance of your B2B content.
Leveraging Google News can add a simple amplification channel to your PR strategy to expand reach and improve engagement.
From inception through the recent Inc. 5000 recognition, Look Left has gained incredible insight as a growing marketing and PR agency.
Media lists become stale over time. SEO data provides an opportunity to freshen them up and find more impactful media opportunities.
Beginning a B2B influencer marketing campaign can be daunting, so we gathered some of our learnings to help get you started.
If you have an upcoming SME interview, these suggestions will help you get straight to the information necessary to tell your best story.
These SEO data tips can assist in developing your annual PR plan and improve the visibility of your coverage and content.
As B2Bs face continued uncertainty and new challenges, one thing’s clear: Your story—and how you tell it—is more important than ever.
Matt Raven explores some of the various and common reasons your organic traffic levels are dropping and ways to troubleshoot.
Here are a handful of mistakes B2B marketers make that prevent quality content from having the impact that it should.
Earned media coverage can give your story validation and resonance. So it’s important to share and amplify it to get the most ROI.
The pandemic has changed how and where satellite media tours take place. In fact, it’s a lot easier and cost-effective these days.
No B2B content marketing strategy is perfect but minimizing common mistakes will help your team more quickly maximize content ROI.
Fred Bazzoli talks about the direction of HDMgroup, which will explore health data trends and their impact on the industry.
Healthcare de Jure podcast host Matt Fisher talks about HIMSS, HIPAA, the 21st Century Cures Act and more with Davida Dinerman.
Dr. Christy Dempsey of Press Ganey shares her insight from three decades of experience in the nursing and healthcare industries.
Bryan Scanlon and Matt Raven explore the art and science of content marketing and how to gain greater visibility with the right audiences.
Julie Dennehy shares insights from her illustrious PR career, the “pandemic pivot” and succeeding as a woman in business.
Cybersecurity journalist Deb Radcliff talks about her new book, emerging threat trends and pioneering women in security.
Melody Kimmel has coached countless experts—including CEOs, celebrities and scientists—to tell their stories with skill and confidence.
Karen Malone and JoAnn Klinedinst discuss lessons learned from canceling HIMSS20 and look ahead to this year’s hybrid event.
Peter Arnold was a speechwriter for George H.W. Bush and has managed media campaigns on high-profile public policy issues.
He’s a long-time journalist and was once a PR pro. Don Fluckinger of TechTarget shares his unique perspective with Davida Dinerman.
With 2020 nearly in the rearview mirror, the Look Left team shares their thoughts for achieving PR and marketing goals for 2021.
Deb Radcliff shares more fascinating insight from the world of cybersecurity in Part II of her conversation with Davida Dinerman.
Deb Radcliff was the first person to recognize cybersecurity as a reporting beat in the 1990s, and created award-winning work on the topic.
Janice McCallum dives into the value of data to improve healthcare information access and enabling informed decision making.
SC Media’s Jill Aitoro digs into everything cybersecurity in this fascinating discussion with Look Left’s Davida Dinerman.
BlueSky Branding CEO Lori Cohen says that branding simply boils down to “what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”
Sandra King’s marketing and communication career is rich with experience — not to mention her admirable non-profit work.
Bennett Richardson shares the interesting journey of launching a new publication right as the COVID-19 pandemic began.
Lysa Myers is a highly recognized information security expert, and recently named one of “100 Fascinating Females Fighting Cybercrime.”
Is a return to traditional conferences just a matter of flattening the curve? No, but it is an opportunity for disruption — the good kind.
Scott Gerber of The Community Company says it’s more important to be a “connector” than a “networker.”
Paul Gillin of SiliconANGLE explains why marketers should be more interested in psychographics than demographics.
PR and social media consultant Shonali Burke says curiosity and learning are key to success — and should be lifelong endeavors.
Chris Preimesberger of eWEEk shares his thoughts on the transformation he’s seen in IT business and innovation over the last 25 years.
Alex Williams and Richard MacManus of The New Stack say their readers prefer longer, more technical pieces — not quick reads.
To be truly successful, a PR campaign must be grounded in strong ethical principles, according to Mark McClennan of Ethical Voices Podcast.
From covering war in the Soviet Union to writing for the Hollywood Reporter, few have had a career as interesting as Maria Korolov.
Thought leaders have plenty of theories, but Colin Hung of HealthcareScene says they should focus, instead, on offering solutions.
Allison Schiff of AdExchanger offers her insight on MarTech, AdTech, privacy regulations and what reporters are looking for in an interview.
According to Sam Whitmore of Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey, COVID-19 has impacted the state of media in ways no one could have predicted.
Bryan Scanlon and John Moran explore the best plan of action for moving your organization past a crisis and into calmer waters.
Bryan Scanlon and John Moran discuss crisis communication in the debut episode of the Look Left @ Marketing Podcast.
Based on our recent blog, this handy infographic lays out a simple plan of action for clear communication in times of crisis.
WFH is more complex than employees logging on from a home office — it requires a new perspective on how and when work gets done.
Now is not the time for hard sales. Instead, you should be reaching out to your customers to see how they’re doing and how you can help.
In times of crisis, having a plan that’s articulated through clearly communicated, achievable action items will help you move past the storm.

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