Move. Or Get Moved. Welcome to Our New Look.

Look Left Marketing announces a new brand identity.

In business and life, change is always afoot. Sitting can be quite comforting, but you really need to move. Or you get moved

Movement is life. It’s good advice from Brad Pitt on how not to become a zombie in World War Z, as well as for how not to drag a business to a crawl. To better represent our values, beliefs, and offerings (and possibly add more literal and metaphorical zombie protection), we’ve moved to a new, bright brand look. We’ve gone from what — in retrospect — resembles a gray 1990s Berlin Wall with pops of graffiti to a cleaner, sharper representation of our agency. 

The pros at Finerfox (thanks, James!) and our own smartypants Liesse Jayalath (with around-the-horn help from the whole team) pushed us far. We’ve changed everything except the name, our core values, and how we deliver value to our highly technical clients. We got that stuff right (mostly) out of the gate.

The new brand solidifies and represents how Look Left shows up in the market. Our refreshing views (looking left), clever AF and optimized content, and a constant push to champion our clients in the market and with buyers, builders, and bots. The cleaner look, creative use of L variations and arrows, and other elements — big and small — represent the smartypants strategy we give to clients and our speed and skills in championing them.

Hope you like #411D87 (that’s purple for normal humans). After all, it’s a big leap for a guy who’s owned five #4A424E (gray) cars. There are some more surprises coming too, including a look behind the curtain on the way we service clients. We’ll be sharing the branded “Look Left Way,” which details our honed, but never perfected, method for swinging the spotlight in our clients’ direction. 

So what do you think? Share it. Tag us. Tell us what you think (good or bad), though our hope is that you like it. We certainly do. 

P.S. Want some branded swag? Sign up for our newsletter here, and drop us a note at and we’ll be happy to send you some — right after RSA.

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