Clever marketing tips to shift the spotlight at RSA 2023

Get the most out of RSA 2023 with these marketing tips from Look Left.

As athletes train for spring races, security folks across the country are prepping for a marathon of our own — RSA. Capturing leads, racing to meetings and doing a 10K on the conference floor can feel like a grind, but catching up with friends we haven’t seen in a while is a pretty great reward.

For many of our clients, RSA is the biggest conference of the year. While we help them prep, we figured we’d share tips for how to get the most out of the week, whether you’re a sponsor, a speaker or an attendee.  

Refresh your spokesperson training

If it’s been six months or more since you’ve done media training, run a refresher course for everyone attending the show. This ensures that you’re delivering a consistent pitch, are up to date on product positioning and get the “ums and ahs” out of your system before hitting the floor.

Teach folks to look at badges and understand who they’re talking to — they might just be a journalist, an analyst or an influencer. Provide clear instructions on how to handle these folks when they drop by the booth and how to connect them with the right person. 

Optimize your product release

Announcing products at a conference can capitalize on momentum — but the media’s slammed during RSA, so you’ll be competing for attention. If you haven’t already launched, consider announcing a week or two after the event for optimal coverage. This gives you a chance to chat with media at RSA and follow up with an email reminder once they’re back at their desks. 

Create brainiac content

Social images, blogs, videos and podcasts from the show floor are a great way to up-level your presence. Consider how you want to position your experience and why it matters to your audience. Here are a few content ideas to get your wheels turning.

  1. Focus on pain points. A major benefit of RSA is that startups, enterprises and tech giants all gather in Moscone to share what makes them and their customers tick. Capitalize on this audience to understand pain points and how others are solving them. This is a great place to test concepts and see how they land so you can create content that will resonate with your ideal customer.
  2. Learn new language. RSA is often a launch pad for new terms that later become Gartner categories. If you come across terms or phrases you haven’t heard before, take note and ask questions. If these emerging terms relate to your business and customers, consider writing about them. 
  3. Take in the talks. Attend a mix of presentations, from niche topics to keynotes, to learn about topics that may not be on your radar. Roundtable discussions provide great fodder for blogs, as they offer a wide array of insights on a single topic.

Meet marketers in the wild at RSA 2023

If you’re hosting an event during RSA, don’t forget to invite industry influencers and media. This can be a great way to form more personal relationships with these folks. Next time you have news to pitch, they’ll remember the great conversation you had while screaming over that one-hit wonder from the ‘90s. 

Here are a few of the marketing-specific events we’re looking forward to attending during the week.

Leverage cybersecurity marketing and PR to navigate a crowded market

If you’re looking for a new PR and content marketing agency that actually gets security, we’d love to meet you. Book a 1:1 with Look Left during RSA to chat with our experts.

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