Inspiring + meaningful messaging

Look Left clients overcome great odds to build and deliver industry-defining technology. Our messaging brings that advantage to life, going beyond the buzzwords to prompt action against real-life problems.


Story Mechanics™ speaks to the market, buyers and the bots
Who you are, what you stand for and the problems you solve should be crystal clear. Look Left’s clever Story Mechanics™ program delivers and deploys a powerful and practical market message.

Story sheet

A powerful elevator pitch that captures your market, unique technical advantages and benefits, all aligned to the practical jobs to be done by the people who use your tech.

Conversation starters

A clever way to grab attention, open doors and deliver your elevator pitch in a variety of situations and contexts.

Thematic structure

A visual representation of your primary topic areas in a simple visual format that keeps spokespeople on track at a simple glance.

Company FAQ

Ensure your team knows the facts and how to appropriately share them with the outside world.


We align with digital optimization and full content calendars to show you how to bring your message to life.
“Instrumental in successfully positioning Aerospike in a crowded market.”

Bill Odell

CMO, Aerospike


Common questions about messaging

What’s Story Mechanics?

It’s Look Left’s clever methodology and process that aligns the art of creative messaging with the science of digital optimization. It’s informed by an analysis of the market, buyers and bots, and has helped dozens of B2B tech companies tell their story.

Why do we need outside assistance to define our messaging?

Your story is critical to standing out, and experts often shake lose fresh strategies and perspectives. You’ll gain decades of experience, which helps you avoid mistakes, ask the hard questions and get you to the best, most optimized story state.

What determines good messaging and messaging that needs refinement?

Sure, a clever jingle may sound great, but the best messaging unearths your unique advantages and aligns them to the jobs to be done and key problems users face.

Work with us

Shift the spotlight

Look Left helps disruptive tech companies dramatically increase share of voice to grab the attention of the market, buyers, builders and bots.

More Services

Earned media + influence

Our experts get you coverage in the best possible outlets for awareness with relevant audiences.


Look Left creates integrated keyword, optimization and content strategies to get Google’s attention. Technical folks don’t search for Gartner acronyms, they search for answers to problems. We’ll make sure your solution is the one they click.


Look Left has industry experience, creativity and SEO chops to craft optimized content that inspires and drives qualified traffic to your website. Our content goes beyond the keywords to deliver value to your audience.

Paid Media

There was a time when earned and owned media wouldn’t attend the same parties together. Now they’re BFFs. We’ll develop the perfect mix of paid, earned and owned media for the best recognition and ROI.

Awards & Recognition

Gold Winner of Hermes Creative Awards 2024Gold Winner of Hermes Creative Awards 2023Platinum Winner of Hermes Creative Awards 2023Inc. Best Workplace 2023