Look Left Earns Hermes Creative SEO and Tech Media Relations Campaign Awards

Look Left wins platinum and gold Hermes Creative Awards for work with Sopheon and Aqua Security.

You know what kinda sucks about being a remote company? We don’t have a fancy award case — which would be getting a little more crowded right about now. Let’s dispense with the passive-aggressive bragging and commence the aggressive bragging: We got some new hardware and are pretty damn geeked about it.

Last week, Look Left earned two honors from the Hermes Creative Awards, which recognizes “the creative industry’s best publications, branding collateral, websites, videos, and advertising, marketing, and communication programs.” The awards were the result of smartypants campaigns for our clients Sopheon (Platinum) and Aqua Security (Gold). Here’s the down low.

Supercharging inbound traffic with enterprise SEO strategy

For Sopheon, a leader in the innovation management industry, we created a ground-up SEO strategy that resulted in a remarkable increase in traffic to their site. Through a coordinated effort between Sopheon and Look Left’s SEO and content experts, Sopheon dramatically raised its awareness while cutting into competitors’ existing share of organic traffic:

  • 27% increase in top 100 ranking keywords 
  • 24% increase in top 20 ranking keywords 
  • 54% increase in organic impressions 
  • 140% increase in blog organic pageviews 
  • 16% increase in pages per session 
  • 64% increase in average session duration

Read more about our work with Sopheon here.

Flipping a single stat into a historic media relations campaign

Aqua, a cloud native security company, wrote a blog about software supply chain security. Buried in the 2,000-word article, Look Left discovered a statistic pointing out that attacks on software supply chains grew by 300% in a single year. Based on that single tidbit — and in less than three weeks — Look Left and Aqua formalized the piece into a report and created a media relations campaign that Aqua called the company’s most successful ever:

  • The data point influenced nearly 40 deals for Aqua, with annual contracts worth millions of dollars
  • 175 media hits globally
  • 181 total backlinks generated from media, vendors and other informational websites, including many of high domain authority, leading to SEO value.
  • Continued coverage throughout 2022 and continues to be used in media stories in 2023. This includes mentions and/or features in top-tier trade media outlets: VentureBeat, CSO, SDTimes, Beta News, InfoQ, Intelligent CISO, Computer Weekly and Bleeping Computer. 

You can read more about our work with Aqua here.

Since our inception, Look Left has obsessed over metrics. It’s the difference between trying to convince you that a strategy is working and proving it to you in black and white. And we think the aforementioned metrics are pretty sweet — as do Sopheon, Aqua and the folks at the Hermes Creative Awards. It’s validation that our passion for our clients is paying off. 

Wanna know how we did it?  We’re happy to show you some of the secrets of our Story Mechanics™ — let’s chat

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