Episode 20: Deb Radcliff

Deb Radcliff shares more fascinating insight from the world of cybersecurity in Part II of her conversation with Davida Dinerman.

Part II of Davida Dinerman’s conversation with cybersecurity journalist Deb Radcliff on the Look Left @ Marketing Podcast hit on a number of interesting topics. Conversation highlights include:

  • The unique personalities of hackers: “Hackers are people who are going to always try to test the system. It's sort of a man versus machine mentality. Let's see where this will break. They do it mostly so that they can fix it, so it won't break again. And that's the definition of a hacker. Those are the guys that I knew. Those were the guys I grew up with. They were extremely technical, a little scary and very good at what they did.”
  • Why paying ransomware doesn’t necessarily make criminals go away: “There are trends showing that ransomware operators will continue to exploit you after you pay the ransom. Usually with a form of blackmail, ‘We took your data, keep giving us money. Oh, we're releasing some of it on social media. Give us money.’ So, there is no sense in paying ransoms anymore. I hope that people get that.
  • CISOs must have an M&A acumen that rivals their technical expertise: “You really need to know your business. You need to understand every merger and acquisition as it's starting to happen within your business. You need to have policies that enable a secure transition during a merger and acquisition. That's one of the big areas where vulnerabilities occur. You need to have policies in place for pretty much every technology you're using that might touch on personal privacy of employees or customers.” 

Listen to the podcast now, and be sure to subscribe to catch every episode as soon as it’s available. 

deb radcliff

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