Meet the Look Left Team: Ari Dinerman, Summer Intern

In 2022, Look Left brought on its first summer intern, Ari Dinerman. Learn more about Ari’s journey in this Q+A.

This summer, Look Left welcomed its first-ever summer intern, Ari Dinerman, a senior at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. He’s majoring in marketing and management and is also a member of the wrestling team

During his internship, Ari wrote social media posts, sat in on client meetings, learned a ton about SEO and a lot more. We couldn’t send him out to get us coffee—we’re a remote company with employees in all four U.S. time zones and logistics got in the way.

Ari also had a really bright idea: a Q+A segment with Look Left teammates. So it feels only fitting that we feature him in the inaugural installment.

LL: What did you learn as Look Left’s summer intern?

AD: In short, a lot. What was most interesting was learning more about how a PR agency operates and how to balance each client's various marketing and operations needs. Getting to pick the brains of all the teammates at Look Left was invaluable. They come from different backgrounds and experiences with deep expertise in a variety of areas. 

LL: Were any aspects of B2B marketing different than you expected? Were some similar?

AD: General academics don’t offer a great deal of coursework that prepares you for marketing processes for enterprise infrastructure technology companies. So I felt like my background knowledge of these topics was limited before beginning my internship. Learning about B2B marketing for these types of clients has proven to be a very exciting education for me.

LL: Prior to interning at Look Left, what aspect of marketing, content development, PR or SEO were you most interested in? What ended up being your favorite once you dug in?

AD: I was extremely intrigued by the concept of  SEO. The means by which an organization can optimize content to reach a specific audience is really fascinating. It’s sparked a real interest in learning more about digital marketing and content development.

LL: What would you say your marketing “superpower” is, and why?

AD: I’d like to say that my marketing superpower is the ability to collaborate with and understand other people. I’ve learned that working and communicating effectively with clients and colleagues leads to better content. However, I still have so much more to discover, so perhaps I’ll discover additional superpowers in the future!

LL: What marketing skills would you like to grow in the long term?

AD: I’d definitely like to expand my knowledge of web analytics, data and SEO. My experience with Look Left has been eye-opening—I gained a deeper appreciation for marketing in various industries. 

Our thanks to Ari for setting a pretty high standard for the interns who follow. Know someone interested in expanding their skill sets in the technology marketing and PR sector? Click the “Apply Now” button on the Look Left Careers page.

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