Leveraging generative AI in modern content marketing

Look Left clients create technology that powers the world’s digital experiences — from ingress and DNS to observability and databases. These aren’t run-of-the-mill consumer topics. They’re complicated, nuanced and highly technical. Even large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, trained on the entire internet's knowledge base, can struggle to create compelling and accurate content about them. That doesn’t mean that B2B tech companies can’t benefit from generative AI (GAI) tools — it just means they need to teach the tech to get the best results.

In this eBook learn to:

  • Leverage generative AI in modern content marketing
  • Engineer AI prompts to produce better outputs
  • Edit AI-generated content for B2B
  • Personalize generative AI for media relations
  • Integrate AI into your PR and content marketing strategy

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Look Left’s PR and content marketing hit different
We bring clever messaging to life in earned, owned and paid media to give clients the power to punch above their weight.

Inspiring + meaningful messaging

Look Left clients overcome great odds to build and deliver industry-defining technology. Our messaging brings that advantage to life, going beyond the buzzwords to prompt action against real-life problems. 

Influential earned media

Our experts get you coverage in the best possible outlets for awareness with relevant audiences.

Wicked smart content

Look Left has industry experience, creativity and SEO chops to craft optimized content that inspires and drives qualified traffic to your website. Our content goes beyond the keywords to deliver value to your audience.

Savvy SEO

Look Left creates integrated keyword, optimization and content strategies to get Google’s attention. Technical folks don’t search for Gartner acronyms, they search for answers to problems. We’ll make sure your solution is the one they click.

Powerful paid media

There was a time when earned and owned media wouldn’t attend the same parties together. Now they’re BFFs. We’ll develop the perfect mix of paid, earned and owned media for the best recognition and ROI.