Look Left’s 2022 B2B Marketing and PR Resolutions

As B2Bs face continued uncertainty and new challenges, one thing’s clear: Your story—and how you tell it—is more important than ever.

For B2B organizations, 2021 represented an opportunity to inch toward normal (whatever that may be these days). In the midst of continued uncertainty, new challenges and change, one thing is clear: Your story—and how you tell it—is more important than ever. We all see the world differently than we did just two years ago, and what made sense then may not resonate today.

The experts at Look Left have spent countless hours partnering with clients to craft and share stories that reflect their missions in ways that make sense within the very unique business setting of the last two years. We’ve learned a lot and would like to share our insights to help you map out your marketing and PR journey for 2022.

Belief is what we’re fighting for. Content about your products and the technical problems you solve isn’t enough. Companies need to stand for something, and draw lines about what they believe, and use social, search and bots to spread the word. When you connect with buyers, partners and talent based on shared beliefs, then you’ve got the best connection possible.” Bryan Scanlon, Principal 

Bite the bullet and invest in media partnerships. While earned media will always be revered, you'll find value in selecting a few highly-targeted niche publications and allocating budget for sponsored content throughout the year. These placements offer more control over messaging, direct access to key audiences and can fill the gaps when there’s a lull in product or company news.” Jennifer Tanner, VP, Infrastructure Practice Lead

Repurpose high-performing content to boost traffic. Take larger assets like eBooks, whitepapers and webinars to create smaller pieces of content like new blogs, web pages and sharable social graphics. And refresh top blogs with updated information while preserving core meta elements. It’s an efficient way to re-engage core audiences and fuel your inbound strategy.” Matthew Raven, VP, Head of Digital

Prioritize quality media coverage over quantity. With big trends directing the media, supplement news stories with smart, targeted content that addresses market challenges and offers solutions. And with a shifting media landscape, apply digital marketing and amplification strategies to give their stories breadth and longevity.” Davida Dinerman, VP, Health Tech Practice Lead

Think like a reporter, not a marketer. Too often, PR and marketing pros send pitches laced with jargon. Reporters aren’t interested. Help them write a great story by explaining your client’s story in clear, everyday language. Most importantly, frame the narrative in a way that answers the question, ‘Why should my readers care?’” John Moran, Director

Put earned back into earned media. Before you send a single pitch, dedicate time each week to researching reporters so you understand the types of stories they cover. Then build a relationship by giving genuine feedback on articles and sharing helpful information about the industry—even if it’s not about your company. This will go a long way when it’s time to pitch your news.” Chris Poisson, Senior Media Strategist

Embrace your company's message as consistent, not repetitive. While you’ve heard your organization’s talking points countless times, others are hearing it for the first time. It's important to find creative ways to stay true to core company messaging while appealing to a wide range of audiences. This keeps your story both compelling and strategic.” Amy-Gabrielle Bartolac, Media Relations Strategist

Don’t let ego neutralize your content. It’s easy to get attached to a piece of content because the writing is good, but what value is it if it doesn’t drive potential customers to your doorstep? Be clever, be interesting—but do it within the parameters of SEO research. Straightforward content that drives traffic is infinitely more valuable than clever wordplay that no one sees.” David Sprague, Senior Content & Media Strategist

Social media is a content platform—treat it like one. LinkedIn and Twitter are both making long-form content more relevant for B2B companies, so take full advantage of it. For example, LinkedIn allows companies to post full articles, and Twitter is developing easier-to-read threads. Dedicate time this year to optimizing social content to take full advantage of your social presence and reach.” John Masserini, Media & Social Strategist

Get super creative with industry events. As the conference landscape is still shifting post-pandemic, it's important to find unique ways to help clients stand out to media and attendees. Whether it's virtual or in-person, think out-of-the-box for promotions, news and attendance. It’ll get clients noticed and help their brand messages stand out in often crowded timeframes.” Geena Pickering, Account Manager & Media Strategist

Rely on authentic, data-driven storytelling to move the needle. In 2022 and beyond, B2B communicators will continue to see the value in everything from financial data, growth metrics and trend data to power “who is who” vertical conversations. Further, that data and the thought leadership around it will show transparency to buyers, consumers, developers, readers which is a key value right now.” Hollie Smith, Content & Media Strategist 

Don’t just name-check hot-button topics and events for SEO value. Justify the topics you mention with meaningful statistics and research. Your readers will appreciate getting a novel perspective on trending news and will engage with your site more, helping Google distinguish you from competitors who rely on rudimentary keyword-stuffing.” Skylar Cohen, Digital Content Specialist

If you’d like to learn more about Look Left or if you’re interested in joining the team, let’s talk.

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