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Cybersecurity is arguably the most crowded technology market. It's hard to shift the spotlight, especially with so much competitive spend. We'll show you clever strategies to integrate impactful messaging, digital marketing, search optimization and both paid and earned media to stand apart.

Integrated content marketing, digital optimization and PR

There's a lot of PR, content and SEO things you can do in the cybersecurity market, but what should you do and why? Want to know the right recipes to maximize exposure? Keep reading.

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Trust a security PR agency

Your agency must have relationships with reporters who get bombarded by PR offers, and must understand what stories benefit both the media and the client. Experts in security understand the language, the technology and the landscape of what else is happening in the industry.

Thought leadership

The security landscape is densely packed with companies that solve a range of problems — from dev security to company-wide zero trust architectures. An executive who speaks to today’s and tomorrow’s security solutions can build trust and get attention from the market, buyers and bots.

Crisis communications

Security companies and their customers are under a magnifying glass when a security vulnerability or breach happens. Having a plan in place for what to do and say is essential to maintaining trust during these times.

"Security pros, PR experts, marketing gurus and partners. The Look Left team is my go-to for building brand awareness in an emerging and crowded market."

Nicole Canulla

Sr. Director of Corporate Communications, Aqua Security

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Earned media + influence

Our experts get you coverage in the best possible outlets for awareness with relevant audiences.


Look Left creates integrated keyword, optimization and content strategies to get Google’s attention. Technical folks don’t search for Gartner acronyms, they search for answers to problems. We’ll make sure your solution is the one they click.


Look Left has industry experience, creativity and SEO chops to craft optimized content that inspires and drives qualified traffic to your website. Our content goes beyond the keywords to deliver value to your audience.


Look Left clients overcome great odds to build and deliver industry-defining technology. Our messaging brings that advantage to life, going beyond the buzzwords to prompt action against real-life problems.

Paid Media

There was a time when earned and owned media wouldn’t attend the same parties together. Now they’re BFFs. We’ll develop the perfect mix of paid, earned and owned media for the best recognition and ROI.

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Shift the spotlight

Look Left helps disruptive tech companies dramatically increase share of voice to grab the attention of the market, buyers, builders and bots.


We’re creative writers, professional editors and SEO experts. We love words and know a lot of them. Look Left is pretty damn good at finding relevant topics and writing  on behalf of engineers, managers and CEOs to make them sound as smart as they are.
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