Look Left Named One Of The Best PR & Marketing Agencies To Work For

For the second year in a row, Look Left has been named one of Inc.’s Best Workplaces. Here, some of our superheroes share what makes Look Left so special.

We like to think we’re a pretty cool place to work. Then again, most companies probably feel that way. So, it’s kinda neat when someone who doesn’t know you agrees. And that’s where we are (again). For the second year in a row, Look Left was named one of Inc.’s Best Workplaces. Today’s announcement continues a pretty exciting year for us in the recognition department

What makes Look Left a great place to work? We’ll let our resident smartypants tell you firsthand — and we promise, no one was forced to do this!

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We never stop learning

John Masserini, media and digital strategist: “When I joined Look Left more than four years ago, I quickly learned that I was working with some of the best industry professionals who happened to be extremely kind humans. I’ve never been constrained or asked to follow a predetermined career path. We’re encouraged to continuously learn via conferences, courses, and networking events. As a result, I’ve helped shape and grow Look Left’s digital practice — something that wasn’t even a thought of mine just a few years ago. Giving us the encouragement and financial assistance to learn makes Look Left a top workplace in my book.”

Our people are good people

Jennifer Tanner, vice president, infrastructure practice lead: “Look Left has an unbeatable work culture. Leadership provides employees with the tools and resources necessary to create and deliver clever work that makes a measurable impact for clients. We feel challenged in the best ways and are encouraged to take creative risks, and teammates are continuously supportive and encouraging. Everyone is so talented, and we are all driving toward similar goals, which makes the work meaningful and rewarding. And we have a ton of fun doing it!”

Liesse Jayalath, director, creative and content strategies: “I joined Look Left Marketing after building my career in-house. When I decided to move to an agency, I wanted to find a place to grow personally and professionally. Less than a year later, I can say that I’m doing the best work of my career. For me, it boils down to three things:

  1. Opportunity — we represent some of the tech industry’s most innovative startups and partner directly with founders and marketing leaders that push the boundaries.
  2. Resources — the team’s collective brain power, processes and media connections are unmatched.
  3. Drive — our goal is to deliver the best possible results for our clients. You can feel this drive and passion in every interaction and on every project. 

“I love this team, our clients and the work we create together.” 

Geena Pickering, account manager and media strategist: “Look Left is truly one of the most supportive environments, and there are no egos at any level. Everyone is willing to roll up their sleeves and pitch in, which helps the team learn from each other. We’re encouraged to think differently, take risks and be unconventional. I’m looking forward to growing my career at the company and continuing to work alongside some of the most talented people I’ve met in the industry.”

Creativity is our calling card

John Moran, vice president, producer:  “Look Left Marketing offers the ideal blend of creativity, flexibility, teamwork, respect and room for growth. Team members bring a wealth of talents, experience and perspectives to Look Left. That variety creates an environment where everyone learns from and is eager to help each other. Many companies talk about creating this type of career setting, but very few pull it off. Look Left has done it, and it's a pleasure to work alongside professionals committed to creating successful PR and marketing programs for clients.” 

David Sprague, senior content and media strategist: “I’m impressed with the bottomless well of great ideas our team generates when we have an all-team brainstorming session. And that stems from a culture in which everyone is encouraged to share their insight no matter how out of left field an idea might be. You don’t get to the gold nugget without a little digging — and it’s the digging that’s continuously encouraged. In our branding, you’ll see the term ‘smartypants’ used pretty consistently — and we take it to heart when trying to solve our clients’ content marketing and PR challenges.”

Want to be quoted in a blog like this someday? Check out our careers page and see if Look Left might be a good fit.

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