2023 Look Left Lookahead: Infrastructure Marketing and PR Tips for the Coming Year

Look Left Marketing shares helpful tips for B2B infrastructure technology companies to improve their PR & marketing programs in 2023 and beyond.

If prognostications are accurate, we’ll be experiencing a recession in 2023. While its severity has yet to be determined, most infrastructure and B2B tech companies are preparing in one way or another. And to be sure, a recession was on our minds at Look Left. Here’s what the Look Left Smartypants had to say about the year ahead.

Take a cautious approach to engagement

Bryan Scanlon, Principal: Curation, ethics, and moderation are completely in flux. There are mass layoffs affecting curation and moderation teams, and it feels like Twitter has thrown a complete hand grenade into how we manage and block everything from racism to hate speech.

If you’re going to say something, really say something

Chris Poisson, Senior Media Strategist: More technology media outlets could continue to cease operations in what is expected to be a challenging economic environment. PR pros must adapt their earned media relations strategies as reporters will be inundated with pitches. Successful pros will become more selective in what stories they pitch, and seek out non-traditional platforms like podcasts, newsletters, Discord, etc.

Skylar Cohen, Digital Content Specialist: A unique or detailed viewpoint is essential for responding to news about infrastructure failures. It’s easy to say, “This company needed to have better infrastructure in place,” but that’s not a novel message. Instead, offer relevant statistics your company has obtained, draw connections with past incidents, or anticipate future patterns that this event foreshadows, so that your perspective is worth quoting.

John Moran, Vice President, Producer: This is more of a wish than an expectation. There once was a time (2006 - 2009) when blogs, podcasts, and social media were truly cutting-edge. The creators wrote from the gut and had a little edge, and every little thing wasn't polished to perfection. Now, most of it is predictable and forgettable. Here’s to breaking the mold and writing with more passion and authenticity. 

But don’t let a splashy quote override common sense

Davida Dinerman, Vice President, Health Tech Practice Lead: Corporate leaders need to rely on their communications staffs to address myriad issues inside and outside their core competencies. The age-old adage, “nothing is off the record,” is tried and true. And executives must consider this each time they make a statement in the media. Whether or not an organization is public or private, what executives say impacts the business.

Make plans for recession-based content 

Amy-Gabrielle Bartolac, Media Relations Strategist: With uncertain economic circumstances come challenges for companies of all sizes. We may see a topical shift in earned media. Instead of articles about tech product announcements, think about creating content about how to successfully navigate an uncertain economy. There are still plenty of opportunities to express your company's thought leadership, even if its typical priorities change.

David Sprague, Senior Content and Media Strategist: Keep in mind that this kind of content doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. While no one likes the prospect of a recession, you’re in a position to help potential customers navigate it by offering your unique POV. Focus content on not-so-obvious ways to do more with less, and streamline operations, should severe belt-tightening ensue. It should go without saying, but your advice should incorporate help beyond your specific offerings — especially for content intended for placement outside your blog. 

Employ a ‘smarter, not harder’ content approach

Matt Raven, Vice President, Head of Digital: Engaging a technical audience exactly where and when they consume content is more challenging as budgets tighten. To improve ROI, use SEO best practices and maximize the impact of your campaign content by repurposing it across a variety of formats and channels to meet the unique needs of the end-user. Turn your eBook into a three-part blog series, key technical documentation, a video tutorial, and a pillar page for full-funnel impact.

Learn how Look Left can help create, enhance, and share your infrastructure story with the right audiences. 

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