Look Left Roundtable: How We’re Using Generative AI

Learn how the Look Left team uses generative AI in our marketing and integrated communications programs.

We’re fans of the “move or get moved” philosophy. It’s why Look Left isn’t running from generative AI. We’re bear-hugging it. Like everyone, we’re learning—but we’re fast learners and putting our findings to use for our clients every day.

If there’s one constant about how our agency uses generative AI, this is it: It’s only as helpful as the people behind it. Here’s a snapshot of how Look Left is merging the power of AI from our resident smarty-pants.

Content assistance

David Sprague, senior content and media strategist: “Generative AI is an amazing brainstorming tool. For example, ask ChatGPT (or your tool of choice) to give you 10 blog ideas on a specific topic. Then, take the original 10 and ask for 10 more ideas for each of those. Within a matter of minutes, you'll have 100-plus ideas to kick around. They won’t all be home runs—but even with a 10% success rate, that’s 10 new blog ideas to consider.”

Geena Pickering, account manager and media strategist: “Generative AI has been ultra helpful in developing catchy headlines and subjects based on entering just the topic or the full content as a prompt. Work with your AI tool of choice to get the creative headline options quickly, so you can focus efforts on generating quality content for clients.”

Skylar Cohen, digital content specialist: “While a large language model (LLM) is great at creating a solid starting point for content creation, proceed with caution. It’s your job to build and edit something that can engage and excite readers. When in doubt, refer to your company’s style guide. If one doesn’t exist, cross-check your content with existing articles. Get a feel for the tone of voice and replicate it, because AI probably can’t do it for you.”

SEO admin

Matt Raven, vice president, digital: “While technical content generation that adheres to Google’s guidelines may not be AI's strength, the tools can be used to help create other efficiencies in your SEO processes. Use ChatGPT to create various meta elements like a title tag and meta description for ideation. AI tools will not understand your keyword strategy, so be clear in your prompts with specific phrases to use. Also, share specific details like character count limits to ensure you’re getting outputs that you can use or easily modify.” 

Media relations

Hollie Krause, content and media specialist: ”AI excels at optimizing repetitive tasks. Tools like Muck Rack and BuzzSumo analyze data to inform my outreach and content. Grammarly proofreads pitches with precision. But AI alone cannot replicate the creative narrative crafting at the heart of PR. That requires a human aptitude for storytelling, messaging nuance and nurturing relationships.”

Amy-Gabrielle Bartolac, media relations strategist: “With only a few dozen characters to capture a journalist's attention, an email subject must be just as compelling as the pitch itself. While we as PR pros have all generated, edited, re-edited and over-edited our share of email subject lines, AI tools immediately expand possibilities. For example, a recent AI tool suggested a subject line that could apply to a cybersecurity journalist or a business journalist, expanding our journalist pool for pitching.”

Brand reinforcement

Liesse Jayalath, director creative and content services: “GPT doesn’t know your company, but it can get to know you through prompt engineering. It’s trained on the entire public internet. That means it considers information from academic papers written by PhDs as well as tween TikTok videos. It doesn’t, however, inherently know your brand’s tone of voice, messaging and keyword strategy, or audience. Tools like Writer can be trained with this information, or it can be added to your prompt when using a tool like ChatGPT.”

We’re dedicating a lot of time to refining how we use generative AI and sharing what we learn on a regular basis in this space. Stay tuned for more AI-related content in the coming months. Want to chat about it in real time? Shoot us a note at

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