2023 Look Left Lookahead: Security Marketing and PR Tips for the Coming Year

Look Left Marketing shares helpful tips for cybersecurity companies to improve their PR & marketing programs in 2023 and beyond.

As cybercriminals become more adept and data privacy laws become more stringent, there will be an appetite for insight from data privacy and security companies with unique points of view in the coming year. Here are some insights from your Look Left Smartypants to ensure your security content marketing and PR strategies are ready to hit the ground running in 2023.

Diversify your stable of thought leaders and SMEs 

Davida Dinerman, VP, Health Tech Practice Lead: Companies must use a wider, more diverse coalition of voices to supplement product and company news with fresh content at a steady cadence—from the C-suite to product managers and engineers. Having multiple SMEs who can create content and speak to the media reflects the diversity of interests in the industry and the importance of educating the breadth of personas that the company targets.

Keep up to date on where your audience shares and engages with security thought leadership 

Liesse Jayalath, Director, Creative and Content Strategies: With many companies leaving or pausing their engagement on Twitter, the industry's looking for alternative outlets to connect with their audience. We'll be keeping an eye on social platforms like Instagram and Reddit and email newsletters like tl;dr sec to stay up to date with industry trends.

Sponsoring a study? Focus on selected, splashy data points for best media coverage 

Geena Pickering, Account Manager and Media Strategist: As newsrooms continue to shrink, the media has less capacity to cover full reports as they once did. In 2023, cybersecurity reporters will be more selective about the reports they feature. A few meaningful stats could go further with them and prove to have greater success with repeated mentions vs. one standalone piece on a report. Next year could also bring opportunities for more thought leadership around reports as there is less staff to cover them in depth, so SMEs can fill the role of explaining interesting data sets for publications.

Make data privacy and security compliance part of your content marketing strategy 

David Sprague, Senior Content and Media Strategist: Five states will begin enforcing data privacy laws in 2023, each of which varies in scope. Compliance with multiple laws will be tricky, so if your company can help unravel the complexity, this is a great topic to work into your content marketing strategy. Identify your compliance value prop and find broad and niche thought leadership opportunities to help companies solve compliance challenges.

Skylar Cohen, Digital Content Specialist: If privacy and security legislation like ADPPA (the US answer to the GDPR) goes into effect in 2023, security vendors will rush out content optimized for high-level keywords like “ADPPA.” Ranking for these will be hard as Google may favor news and government sites, and even if not, there will be dozens of competitors. Instead, use longer-tail keywords with a tactical angle (“ADPPA compliance advice,” etc.) where you can stand out.

Learn how Look Left can help create, enhance and share your security story with the right audiences. 

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