Episode 17: Jill Aitoro, SC Media

SC Media’s Jill Aitoro digs into everything cybersecurity in this fascinating discussion with Look Left’s Davida Dinerman.

Look Left’s Davida Dinerman recently chatted with SC Media’s new editor-in-chief, Jill Aitoro, for the Look Left @ Marketing Podcast. Jill is also the editorial director at CyberRisk Alliance, where she supports content development for the Cybersecurity Collaborative network of chief information security officers. Her credentials are, to say the least, impressive: She’s an experienced journalist and editor who has held leadership positions at numerous business, government and technology brands, leading several through digital transformations. 

Prior to joining SC Media, Jill worked at Sightline Media as editor of Defense News and executive editor of the Business-to-Government Group, guiding and developing the editorial strategy for federal outlets and the cyber brand Fifth Domain. She previously worked for Washington Business Journal and Nextgov, covering federal technology, contracting and policy. 

Highlights from Davida and Jill’s conversation include:

  • When it comes to cybersecurity, earlier is always better: “I think cybersecurity can be an enabler to digital transformation, but only if it is  integrated from the start. And so I think the companies and the solution providers and the  developers that recognize that and try to help organizations move in that direction are going to do very well.”
  • Jill’s take on why cybersecurity should be viewed as an underlying factor to innovation: “There’s really nothing you can do in a modern enterprise where cybersecurity is not, or should not be considered. And to me that makes it kind of stand apart from all of the other amazing technologies that are emerging these days because it truly is the enabler for all — for artificial intelligence and certainly cloud computing. There’s always this component that if you want to really execute on those technologies correctly that cybersecurity needs to be considered. I think it took a long time perhaps for markets to recognize that and to not treat cybersecurity as a bolt-on capability.”
  • The changes affecting cybersecurity professionals: “We live in a very strange world right now. Yes, there’s COVID, and we’re all talking about that, but there are other situations too — situations in terms of our trade relationships that actually impact how development happens. And there are even, I would argue, issues and tensions involving diversity that should matter to every business and every vertical. So all of these factors create a really interesting time for the cybersecurity practitioners of the world, where they’re having to juggle a lot.”

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