Earned media + influence

Earned media + influence

Look Left’s experts get the technology and media landscape — inside and out. We craft and place compelling stories where your potential customers will see them to increase brand awareness.


Swing the spotlight your way
We can give your company the attention it deserves through the following earned media strategies.

Media campaigns

We identify themes and topics you want to talk about and create targeted opportunities.

Press materials + resources

We craft everything from media kits to executive bios to explain who you are to the media.

Media + presentation coaching

We prepare your spokespeople for media briefings to deliver messaging with impact.

Analyst + influencer relations

We build relationships with the people and organizations your customers listen to most.

Awards + speaking

We write creative submissions that earn the recognition and audience you deserve.

Crisis communications

We prep communications that help you navigate sensitive situations with empathy and ease to shift the spotlight.
"What Look Left was able to do for us should be a case study taught in universities around the world."

Nathan Burke

CMO, Axonius


Common questions about influence and earned media

Media coverage is all about who you know, right?

Not exactly. Reporters aren’t taking drive-through orders from their friends and acquaintances. There’s still the need for a story. We’ll help you craft it and get it in front of the publications most interested in learning more.

We don’t talk to the media often. What should we say?

Look Left has expert media trainers and some clever messaging tools and strategies to help even the least experienced subject matter expert.

Is media relations just interviews?

Not anymore. There’s never been a greater appetite from media publications for contributed content from thought leaders. Based on our insight of the market, buyers and bots, we can tell you what topics will garner the most attention, align them to your innovation and point of view, and write and place content.

How do you measure the impact of media coverage?

There’s no one “magic” measurement, but multiple lenses that tell a full story of how the program is going. Backlinks. Branded searches. SOV for the company and the market category. Referral traffic (when relevant). And many others.

Work with us

Shift the spotlight

Look Left helps disruptive tech companies dramatically increase share of voice to grab the attention of the market, buyers, builders and bots.

More Services


Look Left creates integrated keyword, optimization and content strategies to get Google’s attention. Technical folks don’t search for Gartner acronyms, they search for answers to problems. We’ll make sure your solution is the one they click.


Look Left has industry experience, creativity and SEO chops to craft optimized content that inspires and drives qualified traffic to your website. Our content goes beyond the keywords to deliver value to your audience.


Look Left clients overcome great odds to build and deliver industry-defining technology. Our messaging brings that advantage to life, going beyond the buzzwords to prompt action against real-life problems.

Paid Media

There was a time when earned and owned media wouldn’t attend the same parties together. Now they’re BFFs. We’ll develop the perfect mix of paid, earned and owned media for the best recognition and ROI.

Awards & Recognition

Gold Winner of Hermes Creative Awards 2024Gold Winner of Hermes Creative Awards 2023Platinum Winner of Hermes Creative Awards 2023Inc. Best Workplace 2023