Episode 16: Lori Cohen

BlueSky Branding CEO Lori Cohen says that branding simply boils down to “what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Defining your brand is critical to identifying customers and driving revenue. Few understand this better than BlueSky Branding founder and CEO Lori Cohen. She has deep experience in demand generation including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), account based marketing (ABM), field and partner marketing, content-marketing, digital and much more. 

Lori is also a former journalist. Lori began her career as a business reporter for PBS - and won multiple awards including a National Emmy, Peabody Award and a Nieman Fellowship to study at Harvard Business School.

Bryan Scanlon talks with Lori Cohen in the latest episode of the Look Left @ Marketing Podcast. Conversation highlights include:

  • The term “brand” can mean a lot of things — here’s how Lori defines it: “I think at the highest level a brand is what people are saying about you when you're not in the room. So the brand is the experience, it's every touch point, your logo and your tagline and your colors and your website. But it's (also) your reps, your emails, your social tiles and what you're talking about. It's all of those things wrapped together that create kind of this emotional bond between you and your customer.”
  • The volume of vanity metrics like managed qualified leads (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL) doesn’t necessarily help build your brand: “I think it's a little bit backwards. I think if you can figure out what your brand stands for, then you can target the right people. Then you can bring less MQL in. So maybe when you make this transition, they go down and to the left, but the quality is better and it feeds your pipeline. And the end result is the end result you want, which is to drive revenue. Because whether you're in sales or marketing, isn't your job to drive revenue and be part of the go to market team?”
  • Lori identifies the symptoms of a lackluster brand: “Your campaigns are no longer performing the way they used to. Your cost of customer acquisition is really going up. You know, your churns are high, your competitors are kind of nipping at your heels. And there's a lot of downward pressure on price, not just from your customers, but even your sales team is saying, “We have to lower the price.” We have to lower our price. And traditionally you've had a great product. I mean, you really do have good technology, but you've, you've always focused on things like the features and the functionality. And now you have competitors in the market that are really blowing you out of the water because they're positioning themselves against you and you're not responding.”

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Lori Cohen

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