Episode 30: Fred Bazzoli

Fred Bazzoli talks about the direction of HDMgroup, which will explore health data trends and their impact on the industry.

Fred Bazzoli is a skilled reporter who has written for respected publications such as Modern Healthcare, MedTech Publishing and Health Data Management. Unfortunately, Health Data Management’s publisher shuttered the property in February 2020. 

Through a set of unexpected events, Health Data Management has been revived and will now operate as a not-for-profit publication called HDMgroup, where Fred will serve as the chief content officer and editor-in-chief. Look Left’s Davida Dinerman talked to Fred Bazzoli about the new venture, what readers should expect, and his thoughts on some pressing healthcare data topics. Conversation highlights include:

  • How the relaunch of HDM will differ from its previous incarnation: “I felt with (the original) HDM we were very news-driven. A lot of that stuff had a very short lifecycle. Our major story one day would be gone the next day. I wasn’t sure that (model) was servicing the industry that well. So we’re refocusing our written coverage on analysis and doing a thorough job on investigating issues. I think there’s a real need to share information better across different silos within the industry.”
  • An initial focus of the HDM editorial team will be electronic health records (EHRs) and areas where they need to be improved: “We’ve developed EHRs looking backward. They are great for charge capture, they are great for being an electronic paper chart, but that’s not what doctors need. They have to spend a lot of time post-hours in front of a computer screen and there’s really no payback for it. They are seen as time drains. The user experience has to be better, and there has to be a sense that (the doctors are) getting something back from all this effort.   
  • On the role well-known tech giants can have on the healthcare industry: “Big companies have historically tried to get into healthcare thinking it was pretty easy. It’s very challenging, and there are a lot of roles these bigger companies can play in terms of analytics, data sharing, things happening in the cloud and algorithms. The Amazons, Googles and Apples are already beginning to (get) data to patients.”  

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