What to Expect at RSA 2022 with CyberRisk Alliance

Jill Aitoro and Bill Brenner of the CyberRisk Alliance share their expectations for RSA 2022.

The 2022 RSA Conference returns June 6-9 in San Francisco and online. Two people who know a thing or two about the evolution of security are Jill Aitoro, SVP of content strategy for CyberRisk Alliance and editor in chief for SC Media, and Bill Brenner, VP of custom content at CyberRisk Alliance. Jill and Bill joined Look Left’s Davida Dinerman to preview the upcoming show and to dig into what they’re looking forward to:

01:17 - The excitement of returning to live events

03:25 - What Jill and Bill are most looking forward to at RSA

04:45 - The impact Zoom has had on SME interviews

7:06 - What topics they’re looking to cover at RSA

11:27 - Changes they’ve seen at RSA over the years

15:11 - RSA as an opportunity to produce a lot of interesting content

18:38 - What they look for in a good interview

21:49 - What challenges there are to pitching media

24:50 - Favorite “hot spots” at RSA

28:06 - Interesting stories from past RSAs

29:58 - How security blogging has evolved   

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