AI Still Needs Humans — and Other Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2023

Look Left experts share emerging content marketing themes and insights from Content Marketing World 2023.

Each year, thousands of content marketers make their way to Content Marketing World to gain insight from a wide variety of experts. For the first time, the show moved from its original home  in Cleveland to Washington, D.C. Look Left’s David Sprague and Skylar Cohen spent two days  attending multiple sessions that covered many emerging—and traditional—content-related topics.  

To no one’s surprise, the most talked-about topic was generative AI, which has created a  whirlwind of disruption in the content marketing sector in recent months. As you’ll hear, most at the conference stand firm in their belief that human beings are necessary to harness the power that AI can give a marketing team.  

02:53 - On “Evolve,” the theme of Content Marketing World 2023 

06:36 - Skylar and David share their favorite sessions: SEO, AI and content  editing 

12:26 - Insights from Content Marketing World that can be applied to our client service

15:32 - The most common theme at Content Marketing World: AI needs humans

20:34 - Content needs to be more personalized 

20:10 - Making content more accessible 

25:53 - Many sessions contradicted each other in a healthy way 


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