Using Generative AI (Cautiously) in B2B Tech Content Marketing and PR

Use these tips from the Look Left smartypants to integrate generative AI in your B2B tech content marketing and PR strategies.

For those dwelling on the dirt and worm sides of rocks, the term “generative AI” probably doesn’t spark a conversation. For the rest of us, there hasn’t been a day over the last year when we didn’t talk or read about it. Almost every company is trying to figure out where they fit into the AI conversation and how to use it to their advantage.

As a B2B tech marketing and PR agency, we get a ton of questions about generative AI from our clients (but not our moms—they still don’t understand what we do for a living). In this edition of the Look Left @ Marketing Podcast, we grabbed three of our smartypants—Geena Pickering, Matt Raven and Bryan Scanlon—to answer some of the most common queries we get about this disruptive technology.

3:08 - Dispelling the notion that AI will make B2B tech marketers obsolete

7:30 - Generative AI can save time, but efficiency shouldn’t supersede content quality and accuracy

11:52 - Using human smarts and generative AI to develop messaging

14:43 - Companies positioning themselves as an AI company should do so with caution

17:34 - AI can help with SEO and content marketing, but sweat equity is still necessary to achieve desirable results

21:50 - Generative AI will compete with search engines moving forward

22:43 - Companies must be vigilant about having an AI policy to address copyright and data privacy issues


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content marketing
b2b tech

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