Long-form Technology Reporting isn’t Dead–far From It

The New Stack has served up a unique blend of research, reporting, and domain expertise that goes beyond “daily headlines.”

Since its debut in 2014, the New Stack has served up a unique blend of research, reporting, and domain expertise that takes technologists beyond “daily headlines” and offers an impressive level of context for all that’s happening with modern architectures, operations and software development. 

Alex Williams is founder and editor in chief of The New Stack. He's a longtime technology journalist who wrote for TechCrunch, SiliconAngle and ReadWriteWeb before starting the New Stack. Speaking of ReadWriteWeb, Richard MacManus, who started the weblog in 2003 and built it into one of the world’s most influential technology news sites before selling it in 2011, has recently joined the New Stack as a Senior Editor. 

On this episode of the Look Left @ Marketing Podcast, we have an opportunity to hear these longtime colleagues and friends discuss tech’s extraordinary evolution from the early days of the Cloud in 2006 to where we’re at today and, most importantly, where the New Stack is going in the years ahead.

  • 02:02 - Alex provides an overview of The New Stack.
  • 03:24 - Richard explains the excitement of covering the Cloud native era.
  • 05:21 - Alex describes the thrill of having Richard join the New Stack team.
  • 08:55 - Providing a thoughtful perspective on important and timely topics.
  • 13:31 - Providing coverage in all forms - text, podcasts and video.
  • 14:13 - The future of the Cloud.
  • 17:52 - How the current pandemic is accelerating digital transformation.
  • 22:34 - The experts and topics the New Stack is looking for.
  • 25:31 - Working with PR pros.
  • 31:31 - What’s ahead for the New Stack.
Alex Williams
Richard MacManus
The New Stack
digital transformation

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