The Art and Science of Content Marketing

Bryan Scanlon and Matt Raven explore the art and science of content marketing and how to gain greater visibility with the right audiences.

You produce great content, but is it getting in front of the right sets of eyes? Content marketing is a complex skill set that requires more than just great writing—you also need SEO smarts.

In the first installment of their content marketing series on the Look Left @ Marketing podcast, Bryan Scanlon and Look Left’s head of digital Matt Raven discuss what content marketing is, how to use tech to optimize content and strategies for gaining greater visibility.

00:50 - Content marketing defined.

02:48 - Voice search and core web vitals are changing content marketing.

06:33 - The right combination of art and science is critical in SEO.

09:36 - The continued importance of organic search in content marketing.

10:13: Content marketing and SEO are interdependent on one another.

14:11 - Once content has been SEO optimized, what do you do to generate visibility?

18:05  - Organizations should embrace engagement with the content it creates.

content marketing
search engine optimization
organic search

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