Keeping Up with Changes in PR and Communications

Julie Dennehy shares insights from her illustrious PR career, the pandemic pivot and succeeding as a woman in business.

Founded in 1996, Dennehy Public Relations is a boutique agency, and the woman behind it is Julie Dennehy. She connects brands with consumers via creative PR, having built a diverse portfolio of clients that includes well-known brands, small businesses and events.

Julie has also served as president of the Boston chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and currently teaches at the Boston University College of Communications. Look Left’s Davida Dinerman recently caught up with her. Conversation highlights include:

01:21 - How Julie got into the public relations industry and starting her own agency.

03:20 - Changes she’s seen in PR over the last two decades.

05:40 - Her journey through the “2020 pivot.” 

07:02 - The unique nature of learning as much from her students as she teaches.

10:30 - Learning where younger audiences are getting their news/content is key to future PR success.

13:57 - Her thoughts on how certain obstacles facing women in business are eroding.

19:22 - How the pandemic prioritized creativity and user-generated content in marketing.

23:19 - The concept of “doing well by doing good.” 

27:28 - What PR professionals could learn from jugglers.

31:13 - What Julie would want to do if she wasn’t in PR.

public relations
media relations
diversity and inclusion
women in business
julie dennehy

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