Crisis Communications Starts with a Solid Plan

In times of crisis, little is known, but you have to have a plan for communicating to move you past the fire and toward redemption.

In times of crisis, there’s a lot of scrambling, even for well-prepared organizations. When a real crisis hits — not an “event” or an “incident” — you haven’t seen everything. COVID-19 has had more than its share of “Oh s**t!” moments - situations that simply are not in even the best crisis or continuity plans. Yet, somehow you need to manage.

Bryan Scanlon, founder of Look Left Marketing, lays out a framework for companies to utilize in crisis situations. This framework values the importance of dousing immediate fires and looking ahead to prevent other fires from growing and spreading. It also provides a practical meeting structure and gets everyone focused.

In addition to this podcast, you can view an infographic of the framework. 

crisis communicaitons

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