Cybersecurity Must be a Top Business Priority

SC Media’s Jill Aitoro digs into everything cybersecurity in this discussion with Look Left’s Davida Dinerman.

Few publications have stood the test of time. SC Media is one that, over the decades, has continued to improve, expand and align with industry needs. And its new editor-in-chief, Jill Aitoro, has plans to keep it moving forward.

In addition to her role at SC Media, Jill is also the editorial director at CyberRisk Alliance, where she supports content development for the Cybersecurity Collaborative network of chief information security officers. Jill is an experienced journalist and editor who has held leadership positions at numerous business, government and technology brands, leading several through digital transformations. 

Prior to joining the CyberRisk Alliance, she worked at Sightline Media as editor of Defense News and executive editor of the Business-to-Government Group, guiding and developing the editorial strategy for federal outlets and the cyber brand Fifth Domain. She previously worked for Washington Business Journal and Nextgov, covering federal technology, contracting and policy. 

She recently joined Look Left’s Davida Dinerman on the Look Left @ Marketing Podcast to talk about a wide range of cybersecurity topics.

  • 01:44 - Careers Jill might have pursued if she hadn’t chosen publishing
  • 02:50 - Why SC Media and CyberRisk Alliance felt like the right move for Jill
  • 05:29 - Cybersecurity is the underlying factor to innovation 
  • 06:57 - Companies are beginning to view cybersecurity as a business driver
  • 08:46 - Cybersecurity lessons the public and private sectors can learn from one another 
  • 10:45 - The changes affecting cybersecurity professionals. 
  • 13:23 - What Jill’s most pleased with, in terms of SC’s coverage
  • 16:45 - A preview on SC’s annual Women in Security feature
  • 20:33 - Factors contributing to the cybersecurity skills gap
  • 22:50 - The evolving nature of cybersecurity and trends 
  • 22:48 - TikTok and the difficult balance of access to data and cybersecurity
  • 27:31- Cybersecurity predictions for the coming year
  • 29:21 - Advice for PR pros working with the SC and CyberRisk Alliance
Jill Aitoro
SC Media

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