Episode 6: Maria Korolov

From covering war in the Soviet Union to writing for the Hollywood Reporter, few have had a career as interesting as Maria Korolov.

We like talking to people with interesting career journeys, and tech journalist Maria Korolov, our guest on the latest episode of the Look Left @ Marketing Podcast, definitely qualifies.  

For nearly 20 years, Maria has covered just about every aspect of technology, and she currently writes about cybersecurity for CSO and artificial intelligence for CIO. She’s also editor and publisher for Hypergrid Business, which explores the world of extended reality.  

Previously, Maria reported for organizations like the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, UPI, the Associated Press and The Hollywood Reporter. She also had a stint as a war correspondent in the former Soviet Union and led a business news bureau in China for five years. And for good measure, she’s an accomplished science-fiction writer.

On the Look Left @ Marketing Podcast, Maria talks with John Moran about her very interesting career, the impact of social media on reporting and how she likes to work with PR folks. Listen to the podcast now, and subscribe to catch every episode as soon as they're published. 

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