Episode 15: Sandra King

Sandra King’s marketing and communication career is rich with experience — not to mention her admirable non-profit work.

How is it possible to encapsulate everything Sandra King does? First, she’s a highly respected marketing and communications consultant, leading teams in sales, marketing, communications and brand development. Sandra has worked with organizations such as Time Magazine, the Boston Red Sox, UMass Boston and WGBH, one of America’s most storied PBS outlets. 

In addition to running her own marketing consulting firm, STKing Associates, Sandra is a lecturer at Boston University for both the School of Business and the School of Hospitality Administration. She also guides the mentoring program for health sector MBA students at Boston University. 

Want further proof that 24 hours aren’t enough for Sandra’s typical day? She’s also a principal with the CREST internship program, which places underrepresented minority college students and women in the commercial real estate industry and on the board at Daily Table, a nonprofit community grocer dedicated to providing fresh and nutritious food to communities most in need at affordable prices.

Sandra has also served on boards for WGBH, New England Baptist Hospital, The Museum of African American History and REACH, an organization dedicated to eliminating domestic violence 

We’re not sure how she found the time, but Sandra King joined Davida Dinerman on the Look Left @ Marketing Podcast. Here are just a few of the highlights: 

  • The first talent a marketer should master to advance in the field is the art of listening: ”For example, if I am pitching an account and I go in for the first meeting with a prospective client, part of my discipline and the discipline I try to instill with the people I work with is to do less talking and more listening. Let's ask a question and step back so we can hear the issues that this organization, this individual, this group might be grappling with. How are they framing it? Are there some key words, some trigger expressions that you should be capturing?”
  • As a college lecturer, she understands the many ways the pandemic has affected higher education. One area she’s concerned about is how many students may be missing out on the more personal relationships and networks created with in-person learning: “If I look back at the first job I had, I'm still in touch with those people. I know a lot about their families. They know all about mine because we spend physical time together. We traveled together. We did research projects together. We walked down the hall and had a cup of coffee together. That dynamic is not here and it won't be for a while. So trying to figure out what you can replicate in the virtual world to give that same sense of community is one of the challenges that these organizations are facing right now.”
  • She feels organizations like CREST are taking initial steps toward more equitable hiring: “You need to look differently at what your sources of resources are for students and for prospective employers. It's beginning; there's a confluence, as you know, societally of a bunch of things happening right now. There is a feeling that most people have been talking the talk, but not walking the walk. And therefore, we are at a point where we feel that society needs to do the latter, which is walk the walk and walk the talk.”

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