Growing Your Podcast Audience

A podcast’s success is predicated upon extending reach beyond those who consume your existing content.

We’re all familiar with the philosophical question, “If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Marketers kicking off a B2B podcast have a more relevant query: “How do we get people to watch it fall?”

B2B podcasts represent an opportunity to show off your great content in a dynamic format that may catch the attention of those not familiar with the company. However, its success is predicated upon extending its reach beyond those who currently consume your content. Consider the following suggestions to broaden your audience base. 

Find A Hosting Platform:  A podcast host allows you to upload your audio files and create an RSS feed that sends new episodes directly to your subscribers’ platform of choice. But a good host should do more than offer storage and notifications; it should include value-adds like insightful performance data and tips for growing your audience. Some of the more popular hosting services include Buzzsprout, Captivate, Transistor and Podbean. Each has different specialties, so it’s important to know the areas where you’ll need the most help prior to making a final decision. 

Submit To Distribution Lists: You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Available on Apple or wherever you get your podcasts.” That’s what we’re talking about here —- making your content available where people consume their podcasts. Start by submitting your podcast to the big three directories: Apple, Google and Spotify. Doing so will get your podcast in front of the vast majority of listeners. If you have the time and resources, consider Stitcher, Podchaser and TuneIn. 

Have A Plan For Sharing:  First, make sure you’re sharing the podcast through all of your organization’s social media channels. It doesn’t hurt to promote when the next episode is coming with creative teasers to generate interest. Additionally, encourage all employees to share the content to further widen the potential audience. Create approved posts and share with employees to make it as easy for them as possible. 

Consider Paid Social: There are any number of options for paid social amplification, but for a B2B podcast, you’re likely going to get the most for your dollar via LinkedIn. While paid Twitter or Facebook campaigns can potentially reach larger audiences, they may not be the right audience. LinkedIn, by its very nature, reaches professionals looking for business insight. But where LinkedIn really shines is in its ability to get granular with audience targeting, which is especially helpful for companies with niche offerings. 

 Build Influencer Relationships: If you haven’t already, spend some time determining who the top influencers in your space are and begin building relationships with them. Let them know about the podcast and encourage them to give it a listen. A follow and a single tweet from someone with a large following in your industry could be the prescription for jumpstarting downloads. It’s worth noting that some influencer relationships are paid, but depending on the price/audience, such an engagement could result in significant ROI.

Feature Outside Guests: Another strategy for widening your potential audience is to invite those outside of your organization to be a guest on the podcast. This strategy not only allows you to bring in expertise your SMEs may not be able to offer, but it can expose the podcast to new listeners through the guest’s social media channels. This can be additionally beneficial if the guest has a large following. If such a guest is a customer, we recommend disclosing the nature of the relationship upfront to offer full transparency. That said, try to keep the conversation at a high level to avoid it becoming salesy or self-serving.

Podcasts are most powerful when they generate interest in those who may not have considered your company’s offerings previously. In time, you’ll be able to fine-tune your amplification strategy through trial and error, but taking these initial steps will help kickstart initial audience growth.

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