Meet the Look Left Team: Hollie Krause, Content and Media Strategist

Get to know Look Left’s Content and Media Strategist Hollie Krause.

At Look Left, our superheroes come from all types of PR and marketing — from previous B2B agencies to EdTech, HRTech, and even the world of UFO media. Every once in a while, someone like Look Left’s Content and Media Strategist Hollie Krause comes along with a combination of all those experiences to expand the agency’s knowledge and creativity with new, fresh ways of thinking.

Photo of Hollie Krause, Content and Media Strategist at Look Left Marketing
Hollie Krause, Content and Media Strategist at Look Left Marketing

Hollie is an eight-year veteran of marketing and PR, and in that time, she has worked with companies and media partners in a variety of different verticals — from tier-one business press like The Wall Street Journal to more technical outlets like Smart Industry. In addition to having B2B marketing smarts, Hollie is also a mental health advocate who has written many articles on the topic, which you can find on her LinkedIn page.

Get to know Hollie and the rest of the Look Left Team in our Meet the Team Q&A:

How did you find out about LLM, and what drew you to work for the company?

I had been open to a new role with very specific needs when the LL team reached out to me. I had spent years in a media relations role and wanted not only to use those skills but focus on content writing, as well. From the get-go, I loved how passionate Bryan and the team were about what they do and how much the company values us as individuals. They were both client-first and employee-centric, focused on doing the best for both clients and one another. LL encourages learning, wellness and constantly evolving with this fast-paced industry. I go in every day excited and encouraged to do my best. I also have a life now, too! My husband calls Bryan the best boss I've ever had, honestly.

Prior to working here, how did you discover your passion for marketing/content development/PR/SEO?

I was actually a music major for the first three years of my undergrad life before I switched to communications. While an undergrad, I got a job as the project manager at an SEO and website design company. Then, I took one PR class my last semester and thought, “Maybe I could do this?” I got my first PR job from a Craigslist ad and taught myself the lingo from Public Relations for Dummies and snagged the gig. I had a “fake it until you make it” mentality and taught myself media relations by watching others and YouTube. Needless to say, I am a self-starter and a quick learner. I did PR for everything from plus-size fashion, gluten-free food, tuna fish, perfume, personal security guys and even a company that told me it found alien skulls in the desert. I had always had an interest in technology and switched to B2B tech, where I discovered my talent for writing. As a quick study, I have enjoyed digging into new crunchy tech developments, programs, stories and solutions over the years.

What tools do you feel are changing the PR industry?

I think the landscape is changing more than the tools. For example, owned and contributed content are now shoulder to shoulder with traditional media relations and press releases as important PR and marketing strategies. Brands are looking for new media for storytelling — be that blogs, op-eds, social media, video and so on. I think that content is more important than ever, and its form is much more dynamic than before.

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why?

Tokyo Disney! I actually have a travel bucket list hanging above my desk, but we are a Disney Parks family. Our goal is to go to Tokyo (I’m saving up airline credits as I type this). I am a British citizen, so I went to Disneyland Paris when it opened, and I have an even bigger soft spot for all things Disney since I lost my Dad in 2018. The ride technology and storytelling are just fascinating to me (and I love any food shaped like a character).

Do you have any pets? Tell us about them! (Also, any pet pictures we can post would be great, too.)

We have a 10-year-old dachshund/beagle/corgi mix named Lollie. She loves pizza, doing the wiggles and watching movies. She has an extensive collection of soft blankets and sloth and Pluto plushies, and she is an honorary Master of Floof Arts/Look Left Employee, as she supervises all classes and meetings in my at-home office.

You can see more about Hollie’s background and connect with her on LinkedIn. Keep an eye out for more posts to learn about the rest of the Look Left team.

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